Kintsugi Hope

How do we re-connect with young people in a Covid-19 world?

By Joel Harris — Kintsugi Hope Youth Coordinator.

Acknowledge what has happened

After speaking to youth leaders, I find that acknowledging with our young people what we have all just gone through was useful… and talking about it. Saying that this is weird, wearing a mask is weird, not being able to touch is weird. This whole situation is weird!

Stop the Consumeristic Culture

I think we also need to look at ‘stopping the consumeristic culture’. For the past 6 months, churches up and down the country have gone and offered their services online. While all nice and well, this ‘sit down, watch our church service and then carry on’ way of doing things contribute to this western idea of a consumeristic church where people come and be fed but don’t actually do anything else. This is a bit like a glorified ‘feel good movie’. I can’t help but feel this will have filtered down to our teenagers who already don’t need any help in consuming in the age of the iPhone. We need to break up the consumerist culture, but how?

Build the Relationship not the Teaching

So often we can feel pressurised to help our young people encounter Jesus because we know for ourselves that at the end of the day, that will be the best thing for them! But this eagerness and desire to see them flourish in their relationship with Jesus can sometimes create a wall between us and them and hinder our ability to build a relationship with them ourselves.

Joel has been working with KIntsugi Hope for over a year and is currently doing an internship at Kintsugi Hope focusing on youth and social media. In his spare time he loves to travel and capture life through video and photography.